UPines has developed to support a huge variety of IPs(Intellectual Properties) and maintains successful ASIC Developing experiences on various fabrications. Also we can provide quality guarantee ASIC service based on our ASIC developing experiences including ARM RISC Core and DSP Core. We can make a customer ensure a successful ASIC providing flawless verification service in any circumstances.

We have know-hows to solve the problems related to very deep sub-micron such as signal integrity, IR drop by having experiences of 0.18um process ASIC developments, and provide the service to accomplish the design of small area, low power, and high speed.

Upines can give you various sort of DFT solutions with our accumulated technologies so far to develop a successful ASIC which is getting to be required high density, high performance more and more, to improve the product productivity, and to minimize design the verification cycle. Consequently, we are always ready to fill up customer's needs and TAT providing those services.

In addition, as we becomes to have a good relation with SMIC Semiconductor, we have technology competitiveness that can completely satisfy the more complex and the more high-dense demands. It has chosen Timing Driven Design Flow considering signal integrity for a very deep sub-micron technology, and has had Hierarchical Design Flow for a large scale design. Especially one product can accomplish low-leakage and high-speed simultaneously. As these technologies of UPines’s, we can provide customers total solutions for a successful SoC development.