Analog IP

Analog Product List I

Category IP Type Description Available Process

High Speed

USB3.0 PHY 5.0Gbps 0.13um/65nm
SATA I/II PHY r1.5Gbps / 3.0Gbps 0.13um/65nm
SATA III PHY 6.0Gbps 65nm/45nm
DDRII I/O Support DDR, DDRII, 533MHz 0.13um
PCIe Gen1/Gen2 PHY 2.5Gbps/5Gbps 0.13um/65nm
USB2.0 OTG OTG PHY 0.18um/0.13um/65nm
USB2.0 Host Host PHY 0.18um/0.13um/65nm
USB2.0 Device Device PHY 0.18um/0.13um/65nm
USB2.0 HUB Hub PHY, 1 upstream/4 downstream 0.18um
USB 1.1 Device USB1.1 device PHY 0.35um/0.18um//0.13um
Crystal-less USB2.0 PHY USB2.0 PHY (no crystal oscillator) 0.18um
LVDS Transmitter 1.5Gbps 0.13um/65nm
LVDS Receiver 1.5Gbps 0.13um/65nm

Analog Product List II

Category IP Type Description Available Process
Audio Audio CODEC 16/18/20/24bit stereo/ Mono CODEC 0.18um/0.13um/65nm
Audio ADC 16/18/20/24bit Audio ADC 0.18um/0.13um/65nm
Audio DAC 16/18/20/24bit Audio DAC 0.18um/0.13um/65nm
Speaker Amplifier Differential speaker driver,
500mW at 8Ω
Video Video DAC 10bit, 80MHz 0.18um/0.13um/65nm
10bit, 200MHz 0.18um/0.13um/65nm
ADC SAR ADC (Touch-Screen) 10~14bit, 200KHz~800KHz ADC 0.18um/0.13um
PLL Input 4~24MHz, output up to 1.25G 0.18um/0.13um/65nm
RC Oscillator 5MHz output clock, ±5% 0.18um/0.13um
15KHz output clock,±10% 0.18um/0.13um
Crystal Oscillator 32.768KHz/12MHz, low power consumption 0.18um/0.13um
LDO Input 5V, output 3.3V 0.18um/0.13um
Input 3.3V, output 1.8V 0.18um/0.13um