Digital IP

Digital IP List I

Category IP Type
Telecommunications CDM, OFDM technology
Matched Filter/Finger/Searcher
DMT technology
Turbo decoder / Viterbi decoder
Reed Solomon Decoder
Encryption / Decryption
DSRC MAC/PHY Processor TTA certified in 2008
Display Port (Link_Layer) Processor FPGA Proto Type development Done
(Video and Audio)
Multi-Axis Motion Controller SOC Multi PID and Control
Mass Production
High Speed FFT and IFFT Processor FPGA Proto Type Done under Real System
Mass Production (FPGA)
CFR and DPD Processor IP FPGA Proto Type done under Real System
Mass Production (FPGA)

Digital IP List II

Category IP Type
Ethernet based Network FPGA platform (L2 switch/RSTP)
10Gbps Quantum Cipher FPGA IP
Audio Codec FPGA/ASIC IP (ADPCM, Wavepack)
HSR & PRP FPGA IP and H/W module Hardware based HSR/PRP
Image Processing FPGA IP Blurness, Sharpness, LTV, Gradient, Orientation, ZeroMV etc
3 channel Full HD merging Image Processing FPGA IP HDMI, DP, D-Sub real time image processing
Image Processing IP for X-ray 2K real-time processing, Noise processing/calibration
Image Processing for 4K CMOS Camera FPGA
4 channel Full HD Image Merging (AP interface)